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Cheese is a mouth-watering food across the globe. Countries, cuisines and master chefs vouch for cheese as a savior in many a yummy dishes across the globe. No spread through the day is complete without cheese - not even a glass of wine! Since ages, creation of that perfect cheese needs expertise and the right ingredients.

Processed cheese is produced from natural cheese along with other dairy ingredients, emulsifiers, salt, food color and water. While producing processed cheese, phosphate salts play a vital role during emulsifying and cooking process. These functional ingredients provide a range of benefits when used in cheese processing

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  • Enables regulation of pH
  • Acts as emulsion stabilizer
  • Improves emulsifying properties through ion exchange property
  • Offers Ideal Taste
  • Prevents Water and Fat Separation
  • Provides Good Texture
  • Improves Shelf Life

Regulation of pH: The pH value of the processed cheese determines the consistency of the processed cheese. The pH value of processed cheese varies from 5.4 to 6.1 and can be controlled with the use of phosphate blends to achieve the desired value depending on the application.

Emulsification is an important process for controlling the firmness of the cheese. Phosphate blends when used in cheese processing act as emulsifying agent to stabilize the milk proteins. Depending on the application, different phosphate blends with varying creaming strengths can be used to control the texture and firmness of the cheese.

Ion Exchange Property Phosphates have an excellent ion exchange capability that improves the emulsifying properties and solubility of the milk proteins in water. The ion exchange leads to a consistent cheese which has excellent spreadability and longer shelf life.


Corino is specially curated for blocked cheese, spreadable processed cheese, cheese for sandwich and burger and pizza and cheese analog.

Block Cheese

Corino is used to provide improved ion exchange properties to block cheese. It provides firm shape, good taste and elasticity to the cheese with easy to shred and slice properties. It protects processed cheese from crystallization and maintains natural appearance over time.

Spreadable Processed Cheese

After selection of natural cheese and other raw materials, our Corino range of functional ingredients will be a key raw material for spreadable processed cheese with smooth texture and high creaming suitable for medium to high fat content. Corino would also help improve the product stability and consistency of the cheese.

Sandwich & Burger

Our Corino range of functional ingredients can be used in sliceable processed cheese for sandwich and burgers. It would also help the cheese improve re-melting capability, toasting properties, nonstick on packaging, maintain color and improve product stability.

Pizza and Cheese Analogue

Using 2.5 - 3% of Corino product produces a pizza cheese or cheese analogue with perfect melt, good stretching profile, and shiny appearance with delay setting and easy to shred properties.